Did you know that there is something or rather someone who can change the fate of aging? It exists and it is an animal, the turtle The latter is able to to slow down the process and even of stop aging To report the news are two important investigations. The first by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark. The second was conducted by an international team led by Penn State with Northeastern Illinois University in the United States.

In Denmark they have started analyzing 52 species of turtles and tortoises used to living in zoos and aquariums. Then the change in their death rate over the years was assessed. It appears that aging is very slow, even negligible, in 75% of the species studied. In addition, 80% report a lower aging rate than today’s humans. Some turtle species are even able to reduce physical aging if there is an improvement in the environment they live in. In fact, if the living environment is favorable, there is less energy consumption to protect yourself.

In contrast, in America, 107 populations belonging to 77 different species of cold-blooded wild animals were compared. For example, turtles, salamanders and crocodiles have been shown to have a very slow aging process. In addition, they have an above average lifespan when compared to usual size animals. To consider some physical aspects such as the hard shell that protects them by reducing their aging rate. In some cases, even biological decay was not reported.

If we could find out what might cause these animals to age more slowly, we could better understand aging in humans and we could also develop conservation strategies for reptiles and amphibians, many of which are threatened or endangered.

David Miller, Penn State

Source: Lega Nerd

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