We’ve been talking about the fuel costs have become really exorbitant in many cases, with some “good” news from the government, while gasoline and diesel still incur huge costs for users. At the moment there is no news of price cuts, but the state has clearly done what it could to fix the problem, perhaps permanently.

There is talk of a government extension regarding the reduction of excise duties on fuels, which is in fact still suspended and will remain so in any case until the day of August 2, 2022with further news that could be confirmed by the giant in the future though.

At the moment we are dealing with reasonable prices and with excise duties that are ready to end on the day of July 8, the situation would certainly have deteriorated much, since we are immediately dealing with more than 2 euros per liter, both for petrol and diesel.

We look forward to finding out when the situation can finally settle down thanks to the support of our country, in the hope that there is indeed a way to bring the situation back to normal in the not too distant future.

Source: Lega Nerd

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