like T is the scooter with USB Type-C charging port currently available for pre-order with a booking fee of €69 fully refundable. The final price starts from € 999 and it will increase depending on the choices made during the purchase phase, if you add insurance or change the color, shipping will also start in November 2022, but it’s better to act quickly because only 500 pre-orders are available.

In conjunction with the pre-order launch, ÄI posted a rather funny preview video, starring the company’s CEO, Kristjan Maruste, showing off the headlines with comedic skits. The Äik T “über strong” has a sturdy footbridge that can support up to 150 kg and 10 inch puncture-resistant tires, it has a water resistance rating of IPX5, which means it can withstand small jets of water and can cross shallow puddles.

As for security, (ike T has theft protection that locks the brakes), will sound an alarm and send a notification through the official app available on iOS and Android, which will alert the user to what just happened, in addition, the app can also be used to change the scooter’s configurations, it is for example, possible to increase the speed of Äik T, enable automatic and regenerative braking to recharge the battery a little or to lock the scooter. In addition to changing settings, the Äike app also provides customer support and a 24/7 live feed of the scooter’s location via GPS.

The 583.2 Wh battery has the property of supporting the charging of the USB-C cable and, according to the company, is the “first light electric vehicle” to do so, in addition, it is removable so that it can be connected to the charger from the phone while Äik T stays in the garage. While driving, you can see a small circular display behind the handles that shows a speedometer and the scooter’s range.

Source: Lega Nerd

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