A puppy from mammoth of 30,000 years was found in very good condition by a prospector in the Yukon region of Canada. According to the first statements by the local government, cub from woolly mammoth it is a girl. Once they discovered the sex of the animal, the elders of the community took steps to give it a name.

Nung cho gathis is the name of this baby mammoth, which in the local idiom Han literally means “big baby animal.” Represents the mammoth mummified most complete in the history of the findings.

Nung cho ga seems to wander 30,000 years is doing in the immense and expansive North American moors along with wild horses, bison and lions. The discovery of the frozen mammoth took place in the gold deposits of the Klondike mines, in the Yukon region.

Most important discovery in paleontology in North America.

Grant Zazula, a paleontologist with the government of Yukon

According to early reconstructions, the puppy seems to have left its mother and become stuck in the mud, but the most shocking thing is something else. At the time of discovery, the female cub had intact nails, hair, body parts and intestines.

The mammuthus primigenius dates back to 40,000 years ago and was often hunted by men, not only for its meat, but also for its fur and canines In fact, these were particularly resistant and strong, bent back and very sharp, ready to steal the hapless prey.

One of the most important qualities was knowing how to adapt to harsh climates thanks to the considerable thickness of the coat (more than 1 meter between hair and undercoat). The cervical vertebrae were eventually crowned by a prominent bumpsimilar to that of camels, which served as fat storage.

Source: Lega Nerd

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