A is called he had never felt this way! An unbearable summer to live and truly unprecedented. However, our country is not the only one that is beaten by the heat, because the world whole is recording aheat without equal Temperatures have reached their peak.

In Eastern Europe and North Africa it is between 15 and 35 degrees, much higher than the summer average. Even in China and Japan, after 35 degrees, it is impossible to breathe from the grip of heat. And the heat doesn’t even spare the regions close to the poles, it has even reached Greenland.

In many regions of Italy it is more than 40 degrees. The red stamp of the Civil Defense has now become a habit. One cause is also the fires that loom above the vegetation. Many cities, including Rome, have one of the temperatures highest and monthly records, unprecedented. Everything results in a drought that dries up Italy.

And Finland, Norway and Germany are also not out of sight from the scorching heat. This is due to the high pressure of African descent. The Netherlands was hit by a large tornado, causing casualties and damage reminiscent of American cyclones.

In short, episodes of heat and drought from Guinness gods file Such incidents had not occurred in the Mediterranean for decades. The surface temperature of this sea is about 1.5 degrees above that of the pre-industrial level.

In addition, a recent study shows that the countries of Europe and Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea will always be at risk in the future Drought extreme. All this because of the increasingly higher temperatures. Drought days in these regions have already been predicted to exceed 50 percent of the dry season by 2065. If greenhouse gas emissions don’t fall, the problems with high temperatures will increase.

Source: Lega Nerd

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