Google people wanted to make fun of the competition with a couple of great commercials, these are two videos in which Pixel 7 Pro flirting with iPhone.

The search giant has released five videos called the “Best Phones Forever” campaign that show interactions between anthropomorphic versions of both phones, in a sitcom style.

Weird couple? Or the best phones forever? Tag your non-Pixel best friend. #bestphones forever

— Google Pixel (@GooglePixel_US) June 21, 2023

Google released it as “what happens when two phones stop being rivals and start becoming friends,” although the campaign mostly focuses on the iPhone’s obvious shortcomings compared to Pixel phones, such as astrophotography, security, and Apple’s lack of foldables. The iPhone is basically portrayed as an inexperienced, old fashioned fool in all the videos. It’s like Apple’s iconic “Get a Mac” campaign, but with phones. And a strange robotic sexual tension.

Throughout this, the iPhone becomes lyrical about how shiny it thinks the Pixel is, and there are plenty of weird and cheesy “will they, won’t they” moments. The Pixel must climb on the iPhone to save his life in a beach-themed ad (i.e., the phone activates the Battery Share feature to recharge the iPhone).

Source: Digital Trends

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