What could ever tie Mars to the Arctic? According to a recent study, some microbes never seen before inArctic could spread the life on Mars This is the extraordinary revelation that has come to us from some McGill researchers who have been studying the permafrost of the Canadian Arctic in search of living organisms.

You’ll wonder why that area. It is the only one that has properties practically equal to those of Mars and therefore, if an organism survives there, it will do so without any problems, even on the “red planet”. Scientists have indeed discovered that i microorganisms can survive and reproduce by eating compounds also known on Mars. We are talking about carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, sulfide and sulfate.

The microbes that we have found and described in Canada are surprising because, unlike the others, they do not depend on organic matter or oxygen to live. They survive by inhaling and eating materials present on Mars, and because they can repair nitrogen gas and carbon dioxide, they endure extreme living conditions.

Lyle White, Department of Natural Sciences.

So the scientist explained why these microbes analyzed (as many as 110) are suitable for promoting life on Mars. We all know that life on Mars is one of the great question marks of modern science. On the “red planet” there is a very low oxygen concentration, a temperature constantly below zero (-5 ° C) and slightly salty water (24% salinity).

Seemingly unique conditions, except they are practically the same as those in the Lost Hammer Spring area, where the study was conducted. One of the greatest and most fascinating mysteries of modern science seems about to be revealed. Life on Mars can finally become a solid reality from a simple suggestion.

Source: Lega Nerd

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