google changes the look of his app again Google Photos, adding a new pop-up UI that allows users to share photos and videos directly from the app library. This appears to be a limited rollout as some devices get the feature and others don’t, but the new UI appears on version 5.96 of the Google Photos app.

To help those with big phones (like the Google Pixel 6 Pro) and short, big fingers, user options like “Share”, “Add to” and “Delete” have been moved to the bottom of the screen, while others allow user to to order prints from the screen, move content to archive or move images and videos to locked folder The latter is a folder where you can hide certain photos and videos with a fingerprint or PIN as the security level.

With the new UI, Google Photos users have more options that they can use to share videos and photos — they can add a video or image to an album from a shortcut and see the exact location of what they’re looking for. In addition, in April, Google previously redesigned the “Library” tab and for that purpose the “PartsAnd now test this UI change for the “Photos” tab: If it was a server-side implementation, the update might not arrive on your phone for a while.

If you’re interested, in this article, here on our site, we talked about a new feature of Google Keep, which allows you to drag images between the different apps by simply tapping your smartphone for about a second. The important peculiarity is that both apps can be opened at the same time through the feature that allows users to divide the screen by keeping multiple windows open.

Source: Lega Nerd

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