Coviandina, the operator of the road to Llano, shared the recording of the incident this Friday. Shocking accident of a motorcyclist in the Renacer tunnel around 13:00There is over 4 kilometers of road on the highway connecting Bogota to Villavicencio.

(Eight days ago: Serious accident on Llano road: Video and footage of the traffic accident emerged).

In the recording, a motorcycle driver is seen trying to overtake a tow truck in the opposite lane. Another hypothesis is that the driver thought the road was going one way and therefore the speed was low.

What you see next in the pictures A car coming from the roadside hit the motorcycle head-on.

Fortunately, everything indicates that despite the dramatic nature of the accident, the motorcyclist did not suffer serious injuries.

(Also: Colombian Psychiatric Association calls out aggression at Movistar Arena).

“Dear User, please note that in addition to the Renacer tunnel, the tunnels of the new road also operate with two-way mobility, therefore, DO NOT PROCEED, pay attention to the signs placed in the sector and the signs on the panels, and DO NOT EXCEED the speed limits.” (sic and in capital letters) was Coviandina’s call.

According to the operator, the accident occurred at the 71st kilometer near Pipiral.


Source: Exame

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