A new discovery by the research has raised awareness of the breast cancer If you thought metastases formed in the same rhythm throughout the day, you were wrong. Over there night they are more aggressive in their formation.

In our view, these results may indicate that healthcare professionals should systematically record when they perform biopsies, which may help make the data truly comparable. Some of my colleagues work early in the morning or late at night; sometimes they also analyze blood at unusual times.

Nicola Aceto, senior author and professor of molecular oncology at ETH Zurich

Research made this new discovery when it noticed a difference in the number of cancer cells

on the examined samples. In fact, they were analyzed at different times of the day. Swiss researchers studied 30 women with breast cancer. The result of the study sensationally showed that 78.3% of cancer cells were present in samples taken at night. The same experiment was done on mice and the same result came up. The researchers’ statements:

Interestingly, tumor cells collected during the resting period were highly susceptible to metastasis, while circulating tumor cells generated during the active phase had no metastatic capacity.

Cancer cells reported dysregulation during rest mitotic genes They follow cell division and have done their best in the formation of metastases.

Our research shows that the escape of circulating cancer cells from the original tumor is controlled by hormones such as melatonin, which determine our day and night rhythm.

Zoi Diamantopoulou, lead author of the study and researcher molecular oncology at ETH Zurich

Source: Lega Nerd

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