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These solar panels for your balcony will provide you with unlimited electricity for at least 25 years for less than 800 euros.


At a time when all countries continue to regulate and try to reduce the use of non-renewable energy as much as possible, there are many companies that have chosen to invest in R&D to keep up with the times and offer a wide variety of options to users.

A few days ago, we told you about Avatar, a product created by the Indian company Avant Garde Innovations, and that it is a portable turbine that allows you to generate a large amount of energy for only 1000 euros.

SolarLab brings us the latest in energy savings, made with the most advanced German technology, with easy-to-install solar panels that they can be installed on a terrace, balcony or wall and have a lower price than expected.

Solar panels produced by this company Made from the latest technology ETFE material.with the main characteristic that they are very light and flexible, as well as They have a 6-year warranty and a 25-year performance warranty..

According to the company itself, its solar panels today have the highest energy efficiency on the market, exceeding 19.4% efficiency, which is data that needs to be taken into account.

Their use and installation is very simple and only 3 steps, we are told, which is to hang the panels in a place where the sun shines as directly as possible by connecting the two cables that come with the kit. product and start saving.

If we want to buy these solar panels, it should be noted that their prices, which by default include all accessories, They range from 799 euros to 2549 euros.in packages that simply increase the number of compressed panels.

SolarLab color panels

In these options, we can find two options that they match the design and the plates themselves, where we find the Classic model and the Full Black model..

Available packages that can be purchased on the official website of SolarLab:

  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 400W Complete Black Kit (All Inclusive), 2 Panels, €799.
  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 400W Classic Kit (All Inclusive), 2 Panels, €799.
  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 800W Complete Black Kit (All Inclusive), 4 Panels, 1399 euros.
  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 800W Classic Kit (All Inclusive), 4 Panels, 1399 euros.
  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 1600W complete black kit (all inclusive), 8 panels, 2549 euros.
  • Solarlab AIR superLIGHT HC 1600W Complete Black Kit (All Inclusive), 8 Panels2549 euros.

It is interesting to see how ever cheaper options for obtaining our own energy appear, and above all in the cleanest way and without the need for direct damage to the environment.

Source: Computer Hoy

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