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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Home Tech Xiaomi will show its electric car prototype in August
Xiaomi will show its electric car prototype in August

Xiaomi will show its electric car prototype in August


Xiaomi, one of the leading smartphone and consumer electronics companies, has always been distinguished by its great variety and extensive catalog. where he was never afraid to develop any type of product.

And the fact is that this company is known worldwide for its phones, but its catalog includes products such as scooters, cleaning robots, air purifiers, TVs, pillows, plant monitors, etc. etc.

One area where many wanted the company to take a step forward is in the world of electric vehicles, and while we already knew that Xiaomi was preparing its first model, we already know when we can see a preview of it.


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xiaomi intends to show a prototype of its electric car in August this yeara product that was already announced last year, where Xiaomi said in March that it would enter the electric vehicle sector. with an investment of 10,000 million dollars.

This new electric car seems to be designed by HVST Automobile Design, who designed the Weltmeister Maven a few years ago, an electric car with a rather flamboyant and futuristic design.

It should be noted that Weltmeister itself is a Chinese company, although its name has a certain resemblance to what a German company could be, but in the same way it showed us a very successful design.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun says he can’t wait any longer to finally unveil this new electric car. where he admits that he spends most of his time getting the project moving forward..

Weltmeister Maven

Although this model is presented next month of August, we will have to wait until 2024 to see the first models in productionwhere it is expected to reach 150,000 units per year.

Xiaomi’s goal is to reach full capacity when its factories and production are up and running. volume 300,000 vehicles per yearwhich is important for a company entering this market for the first time.

And it is that in order to make this possible, there is a team that already has more than 1000 employees and has been announced to be constantly growing, perhaps in an area where Xiaomi believes it can offer more.

The manufacturing plant will be called Xiaomi Auto and will be based at both the manufacturing facility and its R&D center in Yizhuang. where it also says that Xiaomi will prepare up to 4 different models of electric vehicles.

Source: Computer Hoy

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