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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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5 Tech Products You Shouldn’t Miss When Going on Vacation Right Now

5 Tech Products You Shouldn’t Miss When Going on Vacation Right Now


We learned that you can protect your home while you’re on vacation with connected accessories and alarms, things everyone should have so that at least you always have an alert when something is in your house. happening.

But if you’re going on vacation and can’t wait another day to get in your car, take a train or plane to your holiday destination, we advise you some products that are sure to be very useful for you in the summer.


These products are primarily useful for the vast majority of travelers. Products that are not as expensive as you think and that are designed to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s entertainment or communication, they’re cheap and accessible to everyone.

Since the date may be right for you because your trip is due to start in the second half of July, or perhaps you are waiting for your vacation to start in August, we advise you to sign up for Amazon Prime in order to get these products as soon as possible. Maybe. .

  1. wifi router
  2. cheap pills
  3. AirTag
  4. usb thief
  5. portable fan

WiFi Router: HUAWEI E5576 Mobile WiFi

Mobile WiFi HUAWEI E5576


Mobile WiFi HUAWEI E5576

If you’re going on a family vacation and want everyone to have an internet connection, but you’re outside of the European Union, the cheapest solution would be to get a 4G WiFi router like this one. Mobile WiFi HUAWEI E5576.

It only requires a local data SIM and you can all connect to the internet using this plan. This way, everyone will be in touch while you are in range. The battery lasts all day, and the speed of connection to 4G networks reaches 150 Mbps.

Best of all, it only costs 39 euros and has free shipping.

Cheap tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung Galaxy A8 Tab

Samsung Galaxy A8 Tab This is one of the cheapest Samsung tablets and a very good option in terms of value for money among Android tablets.

It’s the perfect tablet for connecting to the Internet wherever you are, watching videos, series and movies on streaming platforms, or downloading to memory.

This 64GB storage model costs €199, which is more than enough for traditional use. There is also a 128 GB model for 256 euros and a 4G model for 245 euros.

At, we have carefully reviewed this tablet.

Beacon for your suitcase: Apple AirTag

Apple Airtag



Apple beacons, famous AirTagvery useful products when you go on holiday, especially now that it’s chaos at some airports, with a chaos of suitcases that exist where they don’t arrive at their places, or you have to pick them up yourself at certain places.

If you want to always know where your suitcase is, you can place an AirTag inside to always know where it is. You can also use it in your backpack or bag while traveling around the city.

AirTag’s regular price is 35 euros, but they are now on sale on Amazon for 29 euros.

If you’re looking for an alternative for Android, here you have a few, but the most famous one is the Tile Mate for €24.99.


LENTENT cube thief


LENTENT cube thief

Does it bother you when you arrive at an AirBnb or a hotel and there is no outlet next to your bed, or you only have one outlet and need to charge multiple devices? Between a mobile phone, a tablet, a smart watch, a headphone box, a battery… just a plug next to it?

With this cube-shaped thief with a plug and USB ports, this problem is solved. It is from the LENCENT brand and has 3 power outlets, 3 traditional USB type A ports and an additional USB type C port.

Just plug it in and you have 7 outlets in one product to charge it all. On Amazon you can get it for 20.99 euros.

Portable Fan: Tecknet

Tecknet portable fan


Portable fan TECKNET

As with fans, it’s better to have a portable fan handy than not to have one, but you really need one. Especially with the very high summer temperatures in Europe that we are seeing.

portable fans for travel These are the typical products that you’re not sure whether to buy, but that provide a lot of value when you really need them. This TECKNET model is ideal for travel as it has 3 powers, a battery that lasts for many hours and can be charged via USB even with a portable battery.

They may be the best 22 euros invested all summer.

Source: Computer Hoy

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