With everything said about it twitter bluemany have forgotten (or simply did not know) this until now It was not possible to access the service we mentioned directly from Android devices.. The reason for this was that there was no possibility to pay directly through the Play Store. Okay then, This has changed and it’s already possible to do it the way it is on iOS.

Starting today, in countries where Twitter Blue is already available, you can pay: Share corresponding subscription, Same as available for Apple users: $11. Therefore, for this there are about three more than if you signed up directly to the social network using the web. The reason for this seems to be the commissions received in such cases in official stores. Elon Musk’s company, which thinks that it is not possible to eliminate them, users bear the difference Thus, you get the total amount that you consider the service fee. There is no limit to kindness in the world of technology, you see.

By the way, the countries where Twitter Blue is currently active are: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; New Zeland; Japan; Australia; Canada; And also England. Therefore, you will have to be patient to receive your improvements in the remaining regions, but the prices will be more or less the above-mentioned prices.

What do you get with Twitter Blue?

Well, there are a few options that are already important and you can only get them if you sign up for the payment service we mentioned. outside blue badgeIt is also possible to confirm that you are one of the monthly payers that appears in your account information. upload longer videos and get priority replies to some posts. There is even the possibility of enjoying a preview of what you plan to post on the social network.

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not bad but It remains to be seen if it is enough for many people to take the step of subscribing. To Twitter Blue. But yes, the company currently owned by Elon Musk retains the option to add more differences or eliminate options as there is no obligation to maintain what currently exists.

This subscription is vital to the future of the company.

The reason is obvious: the steps to be taken now Twitter is very important for the interest arising from different loans, so it is considered vital that Twitter Blue is a success that provides a stable income to ensure that everything can be repaid. And of course new owner finds another way to increase revenuefor the account that clarifies you.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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