Fortunately, there are cases where the owners of certain specific applications decide to update their software to improve the lives of content creators, and this is the case with a recent new update to the platform. Instagram.

We are talking specifically about an update related to the sale of products using the platform, with now the possibility to continue selling and purchasing directly from a chat with another user without having to leave the latter so that you can can only manage between one message and another.

Obviously, there remains the need to exploit Meta Paywith all that in any case it remains much more convenient for users, who may be able to pay for personalized content on the t-shirts at merchants in a much easier and faster way.

All this does nothing but continue a trail of news from the giant that has already been seen in several areas, starting from the platform of whatsappwhich is clearly improving from time to time in the online business sector, with more and more innovations that can be exploited.

Source: Lega Nerd

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