Some experiments in China attest to results showing that i sounds intense action nervous system of mice with positive effect inducing Relief of the pain. It has been known for at least 50 years that music and various types of sounds have analgesic effects on humans. Music therapy is sometimes used to relieve pain after surgery or during surgery.

However, scientists need to provide a further explanation, as the mechanism causing these effects is not yet fully understood. It is not yet known whether the answer is just music or whether more complex processes are involved. To explain relaxation and stress reduction.

New tests on mice seem to indicate that the key is associated with the intensity of the sounds. Plus, especially their ability to activation of details neural circuits. The researchers examined a few mice, which caused them to experience pain in one leg. They subjected the animals to three kinds of sounds: classical music, a new “disharmonious” arrangement of the same piece, and finally a white noise.

The recording of the mice’s neural activity was done in real time. It took place through an amalgamation of research methods, from behavioral testing to techniques of imaging. It turns out that the three types of sound, when played at a low intensity compared to background noise (whispering), were effective. In fact, they reduced pain sensitivity in mice.

The experiments showed that neural circuits are the ones that activate this mechanism. In addition, they recommend a “direct” task of sounds when producing relief effects. These processes are more complicated in humans than in animals. However, the new discovery opens up new possibilities for research into how sounds affect the brain. A handy method to find even more applications in the clinical setting.

Source: Lega Nerd

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