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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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Instagram launches its payment system as it moves towards a buying and selling platform

Instagram launches its payment system as it moves towards a buying and selling platform


Social networks are a part of many people’s lives, which makes them subject to modifications to improve their financial performance. We have seen a clear trend in recent months in terms of the companies behind the most popular social networks and what they are looking for is to make money one way or another..

TikTok may be one of the most prominent examples because of the move they made a couple of months ago by integrating a store into the app section. That small space was reserved for products that the creators of the short video social network wanted to recommend after trying or not trying.

Of course, this move on the part of TikTok was a response to the trend that is plaguing Instagram. This photo social network, and which has been paying more attention to video lately, has integrated the sale of products for quite some time. He did this by being able to create posts meant to be sold..


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These publications had their own features, such as the ability to tag products and create hyperlinks to stores where they could be purchased. Come on, Instagram will act as if it were an intermediary during the sale.. Now everything has changed thanks to the release of a new feature that took everyone by surprise.

Meta announced in the official publication that Instagram now has an integrated payment system. This payment system is very similar to Bizum, a platform for sending and receiving money between different banks. Now users will be able to buy goods and make payments without leaving the application.

Accounts that will be able to use these new services have official profiles and are considered shops., ensuring that safety when purchasing any item is guaranteed. Of course, it is clear that the system will not be perfect and that in the coming months we will begin to detect cases of fraud.

Even though it is Instagram’s integrated payment system, the name they have chosen to call this new feature is Meta Pay.. Leaving that aside, the truth is that social networks are becoming less and less like the ideas they were born from, and maybe in a couple of years they will stop being content sites and be just sales windows.

Source: Computer Hoy

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