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Platforms continue to break viewership records, but data is not very reliable


Premieres stranger thingsand soon became the most watched Netflix series of the year. Premieres Obi-Wanand same. men comes and sweeps Prime Video.

It makes sense for this to be the case, because the highly anticipated and popular series on platforms with growing users (except Netflix) are. But,How reliable is the audience data of the platforms?only when they run them and offer only partial and biased figures?

flow-related technology, The most accurate audience data in television historybecause absolutely everything that each account sees is recorded, including the time.

As Ambient ScreenRant explains, cinema’s audience measurement is very precise as it’s based on tickets sold, and that doesn’t lie.

In classical television, special devices and Nielsen questionnaires are used, which are quite reliable. But With streaming platforms, privacy is almost complete.

companies like Prime Video, Apple TV+, or HBO Max offer hardly any viewer dataExcept for some occasional press releases when they’re interested in promoting a TV show or movie.

Disney+ offers hours viewed like Netflix, but these are quantitative databy weight, with more advertising value than statistical.

Until recently, streaming platforms considered this A drama was seen when the user watched for at least 2 minutes. It’s a fact that has neither head nor tail, because you can try for 2 minutes to see what’s going on and then remove it by looking so bad. However, the statistics will remain that this series added an audience.

used now seen hoursAnother fact that doesn’t help much. Netflix has a record in the Netflix Top 10 Global:

Here are the 10 most watched TV series and movies in the world, week by week or week by week. the first 28 days.

Firstly, they are biased data: A series can be very watchable for the first 28 days and then drop. And others, with a steady audience over the years, surpass them. But platforms are interested in promoting innovations, premieres, and so they only feature the first month.

Measuring hours watched has other major flaws. For example, which series was watched by more people, Stranger Things or Man etc. Bee, the new “Mr. Bean”?

Netflix stats say it’s in the first week Stranger Things 4 watched nearly 77 million hoursduration Man and the Bee reached 18 million hours. Looks like Stranger Things swept it up but… How long are these series?

Stranger Things 4 is 771 minutes long. Only the last episode was extended to 2 and a half hours.

On the other end of the spectrum, Man vs. bee, Same episodes as Stranger Things 4, nine, but the last… 10 minutes. all season only 90 minutesalmost 9 times less.

If we divide these millions of hours by the sequence duration, we get: Man and the Bee has been seen more than in Stranger Things 4.


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Of course, other factors must also be taken into account, for example Because it is short, it is easier to see the whole. And if it was longer it would probably be boring. This shows that Measuring the success of content by hours viewed doesn’t help much.

Even if all platforms used the same parameters, comparison would not be possible because each has a different number of subscribers with different ages and characteristics. It is not like cinema or open TV where the audience is the same for all movies or series.

It’s not an easy question to solve, but of course current audience measurement methods make it clear that these are little more than marketing numbersrather than real statistics.

Source: Computer Hoy

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