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Mistakes not to make when buying an electric car

Mistakes not to make when buying an electric car


Buying any car is an important matter and should be a deliberate decision. But in the case of an electric car, everything should be thought out a little better and try not to make the mistakes that many buyers make when buying this type of vehicle.

In the case of electric vehicles, it is really easy to make a mistake when buying them, as being a relatively new technology, there are certain parameters that users do not fully understand, as well as a lot of ignorance about these vehicles.

To this we must add that electric cars are not exactly cheap and that they also have certain features that we must consider when buying them.

There are many things they are not like internal combustion cars for life and therefore we must change our understanding of vehicles.

For example, if right now, when we drive our gasoline or diesel car onto the road, we do not know where the gas station is, because we will definitely find a large number of them along the way.

To drive an electric car, we must be very sure that along the way, if autonomy does not allow us to reach our destination, we must find a recharging point as quickly as possible so as not to stop for excessive time. .

As you can see, electric cars are different in many ways, and therefore the mistakes made when buying them are different from those that one would make when buying a car with an internal combustion engine.

Let’s see what these breakdowns are so that they do not happen to you if you are thinking about buying an electric car:

  • Incentives for shopping
  • charging points
  • Meteorology
  • Autonomy
  • Is this the perfect time?

Incentives for shopping

While it is true that more and more people are becoming aware of the help that the government has provided to purchase this type of vehicle, there are still people who are not aware of it or do not know how much money they can get.

Help MOVEMENT plan III available from April 10, 2021 and will be renewed until the last day of 2023. This plan for the purchase of electric vehicles has budget 400 million euros what could be increase to 800 million if the demand requires it.

This government plan concerns not only electric vehicles, but also plug-in hybrid vehicleswhich must have an electrical autonomy of 30 to 90 km, in addition to their price must not exceed 45,000 euros (excluding VAT)so that you have the following aids:

  • Help after purchase WITHOUT DISPOSAL: 2500 euro
  • Help after purchase €5000

If we want to buy a car 100% electric (EV or BEV) whose autonomy exceeds 90 kilometers, we will also have the opportunity to receive various incentives.

Car selling price must not exceed 45,000 euros (excluding VAT) or 53,000 euros for an 8-seater tourist. If all this comes true, this will be a help:

  • Help after purchase WITHOUT DISPOSAL: 4500 euros
  • Help after purchase 7000 euro

Also cars with technology fuel cell (FCV or FCHV) they will get help from MOVES III.

In this case no price limit for sale:

  • Help after purchase WITHOUT DISPOSAL: 4500 euros
  • Help after purchase 7000 euro

One thing we need to be clear about is that help It must be requested by the customer after purchasing the vehicle. discussed.

Is from maximum period of 6 months (something is not entirely clear) receive money if the application has been approved.

Long electric car trips

charging points

This is one aspect that needs to be looked into before purchasing any electric vehicle.

Perhaps we live in an area where lack of charging pointswhich may cause us some other problems.

electric car


We must keep in mind that if we leave the big cities, there are provinces where it is difficult to find charging stations and especially those that are really worth it for their speed.

If we have a charger at home, which would be fine, it will be easier for us to manage autonomy when there are not enough charging points.


When we see the characteristics of an electric vehicle, it must be clear to us that the autonomy that the brand shows us is always under moderate weather conditions.

You may have heard that if we live in an area where the cold constantly accompanies us for several months, this may be the case. loss in kilometers car about 25%.

This is what could have happened to the first car models. The problem is that statements of this kind are contradicted by such curious data as one of the states with the largest number of electric vehicles in Europe is Norway, followed by Sweden.two countries where the cold is quite severe in several months of the year.

Moreover, according to a study carried out Norwegian Motorsport Federationvehicles such as the Audi e-tron or the Hyundai Kona Electric could retain more than 90% of its autonomy in conditions of mountain passes and a climate with an average temperature of -2 degrees.

This means that the mistake of not buying an electric car because the area we live in is too cold does not make sense today.

bidirectional chargers


Another mistake that is often made when buying an all-electric car is just look at autonomy. In other words, at the moment when we see that we have only 400 km left to drive, it seems too few of them, and we decide to buy an internal combustion car.

Well, everything has to be included in the situation we are in and the needs we will have. By this we mean that if your typical daily mileage is 40 or 50 km and at the most you are going to drive 100 or 200 km on weekends, an electric car might be perfect for you.

electric car


We agree that if it’s summer and you want to go on a 400km vacation, you might not get to your destination, but it’s easy to plan your trip and find fast charging points along the way.

In addition, it would be nice to take the calculation of cHow much money will you save compared to a petrol or diesel car over the course of a year?something that might surprise you.

Obviously, if we drive many kilometers a day or very rarely need to make long trips, a car with an autonomy of 400 km may not be for us yet.

But that is why we tell you that it is best to analyze our situation and make a decision from there. Don’t veto a car just because of its autonomy without seeing if we can take advantage of it.

Types of electric vehicles

Is this the perfect time?

As soon as we talk about any type of technology-related product, answering the question of when is the best time to buy it becomes extremely difficult.

Obviously, if we buy an electric car today, then in a couple of years they will be much better, especially considering that this relatively new technology.

But it will happen to us with everything to do with technology, even internal combustion vehicles, because the ones that exist today are much better than those that existed 3 or 4 years ago.

We agree that the price of electric vehicles is still quite high today, but it is also true that according to a study published BloombergNEFsuch electric vehicles are not expected match the price with the price of incineration until at least 2027.

Knowing this fact, everyone decides whether it is really worth buying an electric car today.

We have tried to help you so that you do not make the typical mistakes that many users make when buying or not buying an electric car. Essentially, everything is about common sense and our own needs, something we must always keep above any fashion or custom.

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