According to scientists, the most likely statement about the birth of the earth is based on the collision of asteroids, the chondrites. By gravitational force they would have merged into a single body, our planet Earth. However, there are dark sides to this theory.

A new hypothesis says that the Earth was not formed by the collision of chondrites, but by planetesimals. These are primordial objects large and hot enough to distinguish a metal core from a rock shell.

To formulate this likely theory about the birth of the Earth, a research team of scientists from
Zurich. The research is in collaboration with German, American, French and Australian institutes. scholars
coordinated by the planetary scientist Paolo A. Sossi, they finally came to a conclusion.

The main problem with the impact theory of chondrites, relatively small and simple blocks of rock and metal that formed early in the solar system, is that no mixture of these chondrites can explain the exact composition of the Earth, which is much poorer in light and volatile. elements such as hydrogen and helium than we would expect.

Professor Sossic

To provide an explanation for this deficit, scientists hypothesized that large amounts of heat
released from the impacts have evaporated light elements. Then the earth stayed with the composition
that we know. However, this explanation is not perfect when we consider the composition of the isotopes of the

Essentially, and simplifying the terms, the researchers observed such collisions caused by the
planetesimals eliminated by Jupiter along with the compositions of the resulting objects. So the result with more
probability of getting out is to have a planet with the composition of the earth.

Source: Lega Nerd

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