New way to control Netflix to not share passwords

It has announced its new Netflix plan that will charge you more if you use your account outside of your main home.

By Angel Roca on Apple TV

We’ve known for a while that Netflix has been experimenting with a new way to prevent users from sharing their passwords. In fact, the company prepares a special subscription for which you have to pay extra if you want to share your account with another user. And now it comes to us Information about a new form of control that Netflix is ​​already testing in Latin America. A desperate attempt not to lose subscribers.

The loss of subscribers causes Netflix to act quickly to try to alleviate this situation. In addition to the planned new cheaper ad-supported plan, the company wants to stop account sharing between different households. According to the company, the platform has more than 100 million users who do not pay for Netflix subscriptions.

netflix password

Netflix doesn’t want you to share your password

New Netflix plan to charge you more

Netflix’s new plan aims to: charges you extra if you use your account outside of your “home” for more than two weeks. So if you take a vacation for a while, you won’t be able to watch your own Netflix account.

This test is completed with a charges you for sharing the password. Netflix is ​​testing this fare in five different countries in Latin America: Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. And it is expected to reach the whole world within this year.

In the same countries, Netflix now has users they pay an additional fee if they will be using their account for more than two weeks from their primary residence.. Currently, a fee is only charged if we’re watching Netflix on a television, as the company states that users won’t have to pay this extra cost to watch Netflix on smartphones, tablets, or computers.


Netflix is ​​the most important streaming platform and the first platform to be this serious about password sharing.

Widespread account sharing among households undermines our ability to invest long-term and improve our service.

Fee for sharing Netflix account passwords Costs up to $2.99, although it depends on the local currency. It’s also true that the company is testing another method that charges extra for adding members to your Netflix account. We’ll see which one will impose itself.

We’ll see what Netflix does as it’s only about testing at the moment. But the company seems determined End Netflix share as we know.

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