A unique spectacle full of emotion for a species considered extinct in view of:
Twentieth century. These are fin whales spotted in the southern hemisphere after more than 45 years of swimming
in the waters of Antarctica. More than 100 fin whales Australians of the scientific name Balaenoptera
physalus quoyi near Elephant Island in the waters ofAntarctica. The last episode took place in 1976, when a whaling ban arrived in Antarctica.

The large group of fin whales at the time they were immortalized in the video they were about to make
to eat. German researchers estimate the number of copies left today. fin whales
Southern right whales, second in size to blue whales, were in danger of extinction
of Antarctica, in the 20th century. Between 1904 and 1976 there were more than 700,000 southern fin whales
victims of whalers.

Their populations have been reduced by as much as 1 or 2%. We are talking about a few thousand animals that had remained throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

Helena Herr, lead author of the study

It seems that the danger for southern fin whales is now over as they grow. According to scientists, there are nearly 8,000 fin whales in Antarctica. The research reports that the presence of these large groups in the area where they were filmed:

restoring the ecosystem functions critical to the regulation of atmospheric carbon in the world’s most important oceanic region for anthropogenic CO uptake.

The large group observed by the researchers is a sign of great hope for save these wondrous giants of the sea and their habitat.

Source: Lega Nerd

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