After a few delays, the project Artemis – this will take humans back to the surface of the earth Moon – will literally take off. During a media conference call Wednesday, NASA identified three possible launch dates for the Artemis I lunar mission: 29 August, 2 or 5 September.

The Artemis mission, which is expected to take the next woman and the next man to the moon in 2024, is now ready for takeoff after satisfactory testing with the Lunar mega-rocket Launch System, according to the team from the US aviation agency. Space (SLS) and Orion spacecraft.

back to the moon

The “dress rehearsal” conducted by NASA in May was described as a “roller coaster” as simulated by the agency’s technicians. anything that could happen until the actual launch time is bad and wrong. Tests identified problems with the rocket system, including a hydrogen leak in the second evaluation battery that required repair.

Of course, setting a specific date for the launch of the rocket will depend on some final preparations including: Optimal weather conditions on the Kennedy Space Center launch pad, in Florida (USA). If on August 29, it must be within a two-hour window starting at 5:33 am (6:33 am in Brasília) and returning on October 10.

Regardless, the “crew” commander, Moonikin Campos, who is actually a puppet to make the flight, is already on board and awaiting launch, lunar transit, and smooth return to Earth. Artemis II will thus be able to take real astronauts to the Moon.

Source: Tec Mundo

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