The Sakurajima Volcanoon the main southern island of the Japan, Kyushu, erupted Sunday night. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries in nearby towns, but residents were advised to evacuate. Located about 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo, it is one of Japan’s most active volcanoes.

Japan Meteorological Agency said Sakurajima volcano erupted around 8:05 p.m. rocks to 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) away in southern Kagoshima Prefecture. Footage from Japanese public television NHK showed orange flames flashing near the crater and dark ash smoke rising from the top of the mountain high in the night sky.

The agency said it was thealarm erupted to the highest level of five and about 120 residents in two towns overlooking the volcano were advised to leave their homes. The agency also warned of falling volcanic rocks in areas within 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of the crater and possible flow of lava, ash and burning gas within 2 kilometers (1.2 miles).

Source: Lega Nerd

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