Stop untrusted hosts. AirBnB revolves around the rescue of its users and offers more guarantees in case reservations are canceled at the last minute for useless reasons.

You’ve been booking your holiday for months and don’t think about it anymore. To save money you have chosen a nice house in the center found on AirBnB and of course you have already bought the plane ticket. But here’s the catch: two days before departure, your host will let you know that he can’t leave the house anymore. “I am not well, there is a problem… the locusts…” etcetera etcetera. Look back on the site and also on the competition and here you panic: there is nothing left for the dates you are interested in. Only locks or apartments were sold for hundreds of euros a night.

So far, AirBnB has limited itself to getting into the hands of defaulting hosts, in the form of a fine of up to $100. Quite often, the platform has not sanctioned abusive hosts in any way. cancel the reservation at the end. But finally something is going to change: from August 22 AirBnB fines up to $1,000. A drain that should prompt hosts to think twice before throwing a disservice on their customers’ shoulders.

Cancellations due to a valid reason, such as an illness that would make it impossible to accommodate the customer, are an exception. However, certification is not enough. The host must send AirBnB the documentation certifying the reasons for the cancellation: for example, a medical certificate or an invoice for extraordinary maintenance work (think of an apartment suddenly flooded).

The new rules will come into effect on August 22. In addition to the fines, AirBnB has also introduced a strict and general ban on hosting parties in the houses rented with the platform. The crafty in turn risk having to pay Panali.

Source: Lega Nerd

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