The CERN he threw CELESTAthe first satellite for monitoring space radiation. The launch took place in collaboration with the University of Montpellier and the European Space Agency (ESA). The aim is to reduce the effects of cosmic rays Onelectronics. The satellite’s transmission took place in an orbit of nearly 6000 km.

CELESTA wears a miniature of a radiation monitoring device called Space Radeon. It is based on standard components selected and calibrated by CERN. The device measures the Effects of the radiationdisruptions and correspondence.

Based entirely on standardized and ultra-sensitive components selected and calibrated by CERN, and primarily at CERN facilities, the Space Radeon is a lightweight, low-power instrument ideal for future risk-tolerant space missions. If CELESTA is successful, the Space Radeon could also be adapted to satellite constellations as a predictive maintenance tool to anticipate necessary satellite upgrades.

Ruben Garcia Alia, manager of the R2E project

CELESTA was also tested in CHARMa laboratory that can simulate a low-radiation environment in Earth’s orbit.

Able to test satellites all at once rather than part by part, CHARM is a unique installation in the world, noticeably different from other irradiation test facilities.

Salvatore Danzeca, coordinator of the CHARM structure

On a mission to make space more accessible, CELESTA is an exciting example of how the CERN experience can positively impact the aerospace industry. With this mission, CERN shows its low-cost solutions for measuring radiation and testing satellites against it, giving universities, companies and startups the means to realize their space ambitions.

Enrico Chesta, Coordinator of Aerospace and Environmental Applications at CERN

In addition, CELESTA bases its foundations on: CSUM platformradiation tolerant.

Source: Lega Nerd

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