If anyone is wondering what the birds most colorful in the world, now the answer exists. You immediately think of the fantail or some parrots. More than 10 thousand species of birds live on planet Earth. With such a figure it seems inconceivable to know which species is the most colorful in the world. The Duke University team in North Carolina has managed to unveil it. He compared the feathers of some of the most colorful species of birds on Earth. The winner was the hummingbird.

These specimens are the most colorful and have different patterns in their rainbow of colors. There are 360 ​​extant species, each with a different color palette. The key lies in the structure of the feathers covered with defined cell organelles melanosomes. They have a different depth that allows you to create multiple colors. The shape of the melanosomes is responsible for the specific color saturation.

The research team analyzed the feathers of 114 different species of hummingbirds and studied their reflection. It is the plumage’s ability to reflect incident light. In this way the chromatic spectrum of the different plumage was reconstructed. The final results were compared with previous results that also related to the colors of parrots and finches. Hummingbirds are the birds with the greatest variety of colors. If we consider all possible colors of the feathers of world birds, the hummingbird uses 85% of them.

A multitude of colors that outshine all other species has given this little bird the primacy of the most colorful bird in the world. The colors are essential for the hummingbird as they serve to seduce the mate, to communicate with its peers and the world. They were born in the last 20 million years 300 new species who use colors in their own way. How did they manage to achieve this record.

Source: Lega Nerd

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