After the success of some apocryphal projects based on his intellectual property, Mojang Studios distanced himself from NFT. The developer behind the blockbuster video game Minecraft it will never promote initiatives related to crypto collectibles.

Mojang Studios, which has been part of Microsot for years, justified this decision with some harsh words and blamed the cryptocurrency industry. The company has not limited itself to publishing a neutral note, but has chosen to define NFTs as “non-inclusive for our entire community”, arguing that these types of collectibles bridge a “gap between rich players and poor players”. creates.

The company behind Minecraft has also condemned the speculative nature of NFTs, guilty of “encouraging profit” at the expense of pleasure. That’s a curious position to say the least, considering it’s not a non-profit, but a company that sells digital goods and services to its users to express it.

The fact is that Mojang Studios has also added that Minecraft has any kind of integration with . forbids blockchain technologies. This results in the inability to import game worlds, skins, personal items, and mods sold or otherwise linked to blockchain technology. This is because, Mojang Studios continues, “NFTs (…) can create a model of resource scarcity and exclusivity that goes against our guidelines and Minecraft values”.

Source: Lega Nerd

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