In this summer from hot record, air conditioning ball e jump in temperature endless. consequently i muscle strain and the stiff neck they do not delay. All it takes is a running fan and being warm to increase the risk of joint and muscle pain, such as a stiff neck, the most common.

The so-called ailments caused by violent temperature changes are related not only to the transition from heat to coolness, but also to the phenomenon of evaporation of sweat, which is a physiological refreshing mechanism. The sudden cooling of the muscle causes it to contract, sometimes for a long time. To protect yourself, it is good to cover the affected part with very light fabrics such as silk, which can guarantee a feeling of freshness and breathability at the same time, which means heat exchange to the outside. In case of contractures caused by thermal changes, local massages, shiatsu or the use of camphor or balsamic substances with the effect of a modest local thermal increase and therefore an improved flow of blood and muscle energy substances may be indicated. While in more complex cases the local use of radio frequencies, ultrasound or rehabilitation treatments may be indicated.

Piero Barbanti, Head of Headache and Pain Treatment and Research Unit in the San Raffaele in Rome

Prevention allows us to avoid suffering from such annoying pains, in certain situations there may also be a pounding headache. Here are Barbanti’s words:

Migraines and tension headaches do not depend on the degree of muscle contraction. It passes through the sutures of the bones of the skull, where thin nerve threads attributable to the trigeminal nerve arise, a phenomenon similar to the passage of blades of grass through the road surface. These trigeminal endings are by definition hypersensitive in migraineurs and can be easily activated by temperature changes. Therefore, it is advisable for predisposed persons to wear a soft and light hat both when exposed to intense heat and when staying in the coolness of the air conditioning.

Source: Lega Nerd

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