When was the last time your dog or cat went to the vet? We have a tradition of taking our animals to the petshop for bath and hygiene care, but what about the doctor?

Only resorted to when a problem is imminent or a disease is already present, visits to the vet are often avoided because of their cost.

However, there is currently an alternative so that your pet can visit the vet room more often and practice preventive medicine: animal health plans. See how they work and how to choose the best alternative for you and your pet.

How does it work?

Many companies offer health insurance for dogs and cats that operate on a system very similar to health plans for humans.

With many accredited organizations nationwide, companies offer offers ranging from basic plans that only cover consultation and vaccinations to plans that include surgeries and cardiological follow-up.

Some pet health plans even cover surgery.

As an example of prices, Nofaro, which serves São Paulo and the region, has a basic plan that covers routine and on-call consultations, vaccinations, examinations, clinical procedures and hospitalization for a monthly fee of R$49.90.

In the most complete plan, the value rises to R$99.90 and includes all the services of the basic plan and includes special examinations, echocardiogram, respiratory anesthesia and more than 40 types of surgical procedures.

Other companies such as Porto.Pet have a wide variety of plan types with prices ranging from R$49.00 to R$199.90 per month. Plans are divided into outpatient, basic, and full-care categories.

Values ​​may vary depending on the breed of pet (cat, dog or other) and the presence of a pre-existing disease. Factors such as age also affect the final value.

If you have an older dog, make sure your health plan is appropriate for your pet's age group.

How do I choose a health plan for my pet?

Some factors should be considered before hiring a pet health plan and let’s move on to the tips:

  • Make sure the planned plan meets your pet’s health needs. Not all health plans support older dogs, those with diabetes, those with heart disease, or other pre-existing conditions. Stay tuned for these details and contact a health plan broker if you have any questions.
  • Check to see if there is an accredited veterinary clinic or doctor in your area. Not all services are reimbursed, so paying for a health plan and not being able to use it is useless.
  • Check the terms of use. Many companies are also adopting the “grace period” system, so even after the plan starts paying, you’ll have to wait a few days before you can use it. At the insurance companies surveyed, the grace period for surgical procedures is 30 to 60 days and can vary longer or shorter depending on the procedure.
  • Check which types of animals the health plan serves. Generally, the plans are for cats and dogs. If you have an exotic pet, contact the company that sells the health plans first.
  • Investigate the effectiveness and relevance of the plan. Unfortunately, we sometimes buy pigs with a poke. Search complaint sites and try to talk to people who have already purchased and used the service to ensure the quality of the product you are about to purchase.

Health plans are also available for cats.

These are just a few tips you should know before finalizing a purchase that could cost more than the savings. In case of doubt, always contact the company offering the service.

Happy dog, happy owner

Hiring a health plan can be very beneficial for your pet to have a better and longer life.

For a few reasons we don’t have preventative veterinary medicine so ingrained in our culture when it comes to pets, but health plans can help change that.

As with human health plans, not all illnesses and procedures are covered, but it’s better to take your pet to an appointment at least once a year than to only pick him up when he’s already sick.

Taking care of and taking care of your pet’s health is a guarantee of savings, a lasting and happy life for both your pet and you, who have the privilege of his company.


Source: Tec Mundo

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