The new 232 level NAND produces more capacity and greater energy efficiency than previous NAND eras to provide the best assistance for significant data-intensive use cases of customer to the cloud and has the highest areal density in the industry.

Micron’s 232-layer NAND is a defining moment for storage innovation as the first proof of its ability to scale 3D NAND to more than 200 layers in production. This breakthrough technology required extensive innovation, including advanced process capabilities to create high aspect ratio structures, new advances in materials and advanced design improvements based on our industry-leading 176-layer NAND technology.

Micron’s 232-layer NAND technology provides the high-performance storage needed to support advanced solutions and real-time services needed in data centers and automotive applications, as well as responsive and engaging experiences across mobile devices, consumer electronics, and consumer information systems.

This technology node enables the introduction of the industry’s fastest I/O rate, 2.4 gigabytes per second (GB/s), to meet the low latency and high throughput needs of data-centric workloads such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, unstructured databases and real-time analytics and cloud computing. This speed represents twice the data transfer rate of the fastest interface enabled on Micron’s 176-layer node. Micron’s 232-layer NAND also offers a up to 100% higher write bandwidth and 75% higher read bandwidth per that than the previous generation.

Source: Lega Nerd

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