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OnePlus 10T has no more secrets: a video leaked a day before launch revealing its design


OnePlus has chosen August 3 as the launch date for the new OnePlus 10T. The expectations placed on this device are many, and, in fact, This may be one of the most anticipated launches by users who have decided to wait to see if the Asian firm is betting on a little brother. One Plus 10 Pro.

With all this in mind and above all with the constant leaks that we repeated to the point that we knew all the details about this device before its official presentation; We did not expect that just a day before its release, a video would leak, showing the device in full..

Yes, today, August 2, and hours before OnePlus officially and hopefully globally announces its new terminal, a YouTube content creator has uploaded the first real unboxing of the OnePlus 10T. Within 5:10 minutes, its design can be assessed in detail, and some of its characteristics can be confirmed..

For now, the video still remains on YouTube and can be seen at the following link, although OnePlus will likely take action on the matter and the video will eventually be blocked or removed from Google’s streaming content platform. This is because, as discussed in the video, this creator would have missed the embargo.

Leaving aside the technical and legal issues, what we will find when watching the video will be a fairly complete unboxing that reflects all the items, such as accessories, that will be available for the OnePlus 10T.. The most notable examples are the various covers shown throughout the video.

Also interesting is the fact that he comments on the version of the device he is holding, so it can be confirmed that at least the OnePlus 10T model will have 16GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.. He also talks about the camera module, which no longer has the Hasselblad silkscreen.

These cameras, as discussed in the video, will have the following layout: a 50MP main sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide secondary sensor, and the third sensor will be a 2MP macro lens. Also, OnePlus 10T has been confirmed to be 150W. just like Realme GT Neo 3.

Source: Computer Hoy

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