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Apple says not being able to buy an iPhone is a human rights violation


Not everyone can afford an iPhone and more at the prices they currently have, but this push is usually personal or related to each person’s economic situation. What would happen if you couldn’t buy an iPhone because of an external imposition that has nothing to do with you?

This situation, although it seems completely unrealistic, occurs and led to international conflict between the Cupertino company and the Latin American country, setting scenes worthy of study in the coming years.. The truth is that this is quite a complicated situation, so we are going to give a little context.

5G connectivity, used by both Apple phones and some of the company’s other products, uses a license owned by Ericsson.the need to pay for the ability to integrate this technology into the company’s devices with a bitten apple, and this is the first problem that we encountered.


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Apple is not happy with the amount the Swedish company decides to charge for the use of its license. Disagreeing, the Cupertino company stopped paying Ericsson, which is the main reason for the whole conflict. What did Ericsson do in this situation? Request a ban on the sale of Apple products.

This request is difficult to comply with and, in fact, many countries have chosen not to do so. while others have decided to listen to Ericsson and ban the sale of Apple equipment using 5G technology. which is owned by Ericsson, as are the latest generation iPhones and some iPads.

Which country has chosen Ericsson? Colombia ranks third in dissonance and one that was mentioned before a jury in the United States in a lawsuit initiated by Apple itself. Not being able to sell iPhone mobile phones, Apple itself said it was a violation of human rights.

The judge hearing this multilateral lawsuit dismissed Apple’s addition to warning the company not to abuse expedited processes, as a patent-sales conflict is not a procedure that needs to be dealt with urgently in a lawsuit.

In fact, Apple was advised to sit down and discuss the license situation with Ericsson and then resolve the Colombian ban. The Cupertino company, the judge commented, skipped all those steps and decided to take emergency legal action when the situation did not warrant it..

Source: Computer Hoy

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