The scorching heat ofsummer increases the hunger in Men. A recent study from Tel Aviv University confirms this truth. The international team led by Shivang Parikh conducted a survey of 3,000 individuals of both sexes surveyed in each season. As a result, rising temperatures also increase hunger, but only in men. The latter who have this mechanism can consume up to 300 calories per day.

Here’s the explanation: the skin under the sun’s ultraviolet rays activates the ghrelin. It is a hormone gastrointestinal that is produced in the case of fasting. To send the appetite signal to the brain. Ghrelin also gets input from stress, a regulator of nervous hunger. The hormone is in fact changed in cases of anorexia and bulimia. Sunlight activates ghrelin in skin adipocytes. But there’s one in the skin egg white called p53useful for protection against skin tumors caused by excessive sun exposure.

P53 activates ghrelin in skin adipocytes. In the Ladies it does not happen for estrogens that do not allow ghrelin to initiate the behavioral search for food in accordance with exposure to UVB rays. The skin thus becomes an important mediator of the homeostasis of human energy and also to deepen and possibly cure eating disorders. Furthermore, there are new ways of topical treatment based on the exploitation of the endocrine basis of the hunger sensation. Better than don’t stay in the sun too much both for avoid burns both for don’t get too fat.

Source: Lega Nerd

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