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Fast Track is a new method of finding talent in one of the most important companies in the IT sector.


When it comes to talent scouting, there are different methodologies, and all of them are absolutely correct, although some are more difficult than others. BairesDev is a company that has experienced significant growth in recent years.which necessitates the creation of a special program for the selection of experts.

The path of this Latin American company began in 2009.bordering on success in 2018 with a workforce of 400 and currently surpassing the 5,000 barrier; its goal is to reach 10,000 employees by the end of 2024.

This growth is a prime example of its trajectory in the business world, being one of the companies that has experienced the most growth in recent years. This ensured continued growth at 50% for the first 11 years, although growth exceeded this in 2021 until reaching 145%..

With an ever-growing workforce, certain questions hang in the air, such as: what is the secret to the success of this top 10 Silicon Valley company?

The path to success lies in the search for qualified personnel

To find the best candidates BairesDev has launched its new program called “Fast Track” which is embedded in paradigms designed to make recruiting easier.. This offer speeds up the interview phase of the selection process by up to 70%.

BairesDev has tested this program in Brazil with satisfactory results, with over 200 applicants able to pass the first round.. Working with the program is very simple, starting with a form that candidates have to fill out and which is two minutes long.

Once this standard form has been completed, the BairesDev team will be responsible for selecting profiles that meet the required requirements to proceed to the next phase, which is an interview that will be scheduled over the next three business days. In addition, various tests will be conducted during this period to assess the most general skills..

The conduct of these online tests is intended to test the ability to adapt to a sector dominated by telecommuting, collaboration with people from different cultures and, moreover, where flexibility is a maxim. This whole process is aimed at finding 1,000 candidates who are willing and able to fill the vacancies offered by BairesDev in Mexico..

What profiles does BairesDev Fast Track look for? Talented candidates who, in addition, must have a specific, provable and, above all, broad specialization in Front-End, Back-End and Mobile Development, DevOps, Testing, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.l. These profiles are extremely specific.

In particular, the Fast Track program looks for talents that complement other related characteristics such as teamwork, self-management, and other more important knowledge such as advanced English. This is the main characteristic when applying for a job in an international company.

Company with 1,200,000 candidates annually

Supporting human labor in the selection of talents, BairesDev uses Staffing Hero. This in-house developed platform uses various algorithms to find the best talent faster throughout the selection process, and is a cutting-edge and essential tool as it receives 1,300,000 million inquiries annually.

What does BairesDev offer if you have a senior programmer profile?

The first thing he offers is a challenge. Becoming a part of BairesDev is not easy, although this does not stop more than a million people who decide to apply to this company.

BairesDev is one of the leading companies in the industry where you will work with Fortune 500 clients on projects that will test your knowledge.. This is a company that has been awarded for its diversity and rewarding its employees among other awards.

BairesDev currently has over 700 open positions, all 100% removed.. To apply, all you have to do is follow the following Fast Track link.

Source: Computer Hoy

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