super cruiseGeneral Motors’ Level 3 autonomous driving will soon drive more than 400,000 miles around Canada and the United States of America.

Unlike Tesla’s semi-autonomous driving, Super Cruise works thanks to the use of different solutions: not only the latest generation of sensors and GPS, but also the very high fidelity cards made by the manufacturer using LiDARs.

In other words, the automaker maps out the most important highways of North America to enable the use of semi-autonomous driving under maximum safety. As a result, not all Super Cruise functions can be activated everywhere. Some, such as semi-autonomous driving without having to keep your hands on the wheel, can only be activated on certain specific highways.

General engines announced that Super Cruise’s more advanced features will be coming soon about 400,000 miles – between minor roads and highways – throughout North America. The target will be reached by the end of 2022. Until now, the system only supported some of the major highways in the US and Canada, while systematically excluding the smaller highways — those with no dividing line between the two directions. The new update also changes that.

“These are highways that typically connect smaller cities in the US and Canada,” explains the manufacturer. The new update also includes the famous Route 66as well as the Pacific Coast Highway and the Overseas Highway.

Source: Lega Nerd

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