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Computer case that can be used as a functional aquarium


No one is surprised when the Chinese invent some crazy gadget or bring to the market a technology never seen before. That’s why today we bring you a clear example of how a computer box can be used for other functions that have nothing to do with it.

This crazy idea comes from the Chinese company MetalFish, which has launched a new product called Aquarium chassis Y2. Notably, as you can see in the cover image, this is a Micro-ATX PC at the bottom with an aquarium at the top.

The idea of ​​this rare combination is to relax and calm your stressed employees while they continue to work.

As for the dimensions of the tower, they 370 x 250 x 290 mm (about 27 liters)so if it is divided in half and the other part is an aquarium, we can say that all your fish will have enough space to swim, approximately 13 liters.

You might think that with the heat your fish will not last long, but this company in everything and MetalFish includes a USB powered pump/filter/oxygenator.. The LED strip above the water tank, made of 5mm glass panel, is designed for our pets’ comfortable life.


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The case is equipped with independent RGB lighting, which can be turned on and off. A point in its favor is that it seems to interact with your PC’s cooling process. Although, of course, on the contrary, the heat that it radiates, we do not know to what extent it is controlled.

On the other hand, a 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy PC case with two 90mm fans on the front, a 90mm high CPU cooler, and a graphics card up to 220mm long.

This whole combination of MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank is on sale for Quite reasonable price less than 75 dollars in China.

Source: Computer Hoy

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