Watch content such as reviews about games, gameplays, even the upcoming stuff on YouTube is a great way to stay up to date and have fun. On the other hand, it could also be: traps in videos cheats or directly to broken game links.

One malware The notable thing was Red line, software designed to steal passwords and extract sensitive data from the victim’s device, such as saved card information, cryptocurrency wallets, Cookie From signed-in logins to accessing accounts that require passwords, credentials for VPN services, chat history, and more.

Trojan horse is not one of the newest Discovered in March 2020however, stealing passwords and credentials is becoming more and more common. About 2,300 people attacked by him between 2021 and 2022.

Recently, it has been disguised as cheats for games such as: Hand Ring, Fifa, rust This Z Dayfor example, this is more about considering the relevance of games.

RedLine also affected other known individuals: APB reloaded, Cross fire, Dying Light 2, F1® 22, Farming Simulator, Farthest Boundary, Final Fantasy XIV, Forza, Lego Star Wars, Osu!, Blank Point, Project Zomboid, Sniper Elite, Spider-Man, Stray, Thymesia, VRChat This walked.

How does RedLine work?

You Attackers post videos on YouTube The claim that games are cheated is pretty convincing, suggesting that the public already knows how the quick actions they use to cheat work. Basically, the video Follow the link in the description to download the self-extracting file and run it. Cases of linking in video subtitles have also been reported.

It can even occur download fails, but since hackers are already prepared for all scenarios, they often recommend disabling Windows SmartScreen, a filter that protects Microsoft Edge users against: phishing and malicious websites.

After the entire package is completed malwareThe problem is starting to grow: HE RedLine steals a lot of important information computer like passwords saved in browsers. The situation gets worse as the virus is able to execute commands such as installing other programs.

In addition Red line It comes with a cryptocurrency miner that will be placed on the infected computer. hackers of computers players It has powerful GPUs useful for mining. This crypto miner causes computer slowdownwear and increased energy consumption in processing units.

As if that wasn’t enough Red line it even downloads videos from the command server and sends them to the victim’s YouTube account; it’s the same video and link in the description that trapped the person in the first place; this is a great way to spread malware more easily and with less effort.

prevention is everything

Even if YouTube has already disabled many compromised channels You need to be careful in the hackers plan; because the same style of malware could be on the prowl for those looking for a shorter (or cheaper) way to access games.

if you do Downloads It may be suspicious, check if the files named Makisekurisu.exe, cool.exe, AutoRun.exe, download.exe and upload.exe are hidden in some directories.

player kaspersky antivirus fifa

The first step to protecting yourself avoid downloading cheatsbecause they are never affiliated with the game developer and therefore are not safe. Two-factor authentication is another good way to protect your computer from malicious attacks.

Another tip is not to disable protection items and always invest in them. Kaspersky has full resources to protect your computer and not let any virus affect its performance. Package Kaspersky PremiumFor example, it provides protection against malwareIn addition to preventing them from harming devices, it has tools to remove malicious files installed on the computer before the antivirus kicks in.

system Protection against phishing The solution protects you from fake websites and emails created by cybercriminals to steal your identity and money. Red line.

Another benefit that helps in these situations is Payment Protection, which prevents hackers from getting your credit card information and financial data when you make an online transaction.

kaspersky antivirus pc player

A Protection against digital threats protects you against cryptocurrency scams and unauthorized use of your computer for crypto mining; Red line.

Solutions Kaspersky they also protect your passwords, encrypt and store your sensitive identity documents, have a VPN for secure and anonymous online browsing, and even offer expert help when you need it.

Want to learn more about how to protect yourself with Kaspersky? Check here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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