Over there Drought keeps bringing all of Italy to its knees, here it is i rivers and Lakes they are in serious danger. There is unclear data on how such freshwater flows respond to climate change. Also about how many are really at risk and which are the most resistant. The answer can be given first world map made in relation to the fresh waters of the earth. The data covers more than 95% of terrestrial lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Who needs to collect them is the SWOT satellite. The launch will take place in November 2022 from California.

Current databases may contain information about a few thousand lakes around the world, that number will increase to between 2 and 6 million.

Tamlin Pavelsky, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, SWOT . chief scientist for freshwater research

The aim is better management of these water resources with valid instruments to protect them against sudden climate change. The SWOT satellite will measure water levels and collect data on lakes over 6 hectares and rivers wider than 100 meters. There are satellites in orbit that observe the Earth. They are already capable of playing these kinds of roles (freshwater level and size), but understanding their change is essential.

However, a method that requires extreme efforts in terms of time and resources to compare measurements made by different instruments from different satellites. The goal of Swat is to be able to create the first global vision map with homogeneous measures And faster times. A way to understand the changes in the magnitude and volume of fresh water on land.

Source: Lega Nerd

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