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These are amazing aesthetic changes that the Apple Watch Series 8 should have.


Like every year, in the last quarter we will have the launch of a new line of smartwatches from Apple, in which many users hope to find something revolutionary year after year, and this year there will be news especially related to aesthetics.

And the fact is that, according to the latest leaks, we will have a change in aesthetics in terms of materials and colors in relation to the current watch.

a leak ShrimpAppleProwhich has already improved performance to match that of the current model, also dared to comment on some of the changes that will come with the new iteration of the watch, which will be released between September and October.

With regard to design, he notes that, unfortunately, will remain the same compared to the current model without any improvementsAnd it is expected that Apple has delegated this change to the professional model, which will be a larger device with a design evolution. But as for Series 8, according to the latest rumors, its design will not change.

But yes, we will have changes in materials and colors. The new aluminum watch will be available in four colors including Midnight Red, Silver and Star White. For stainless steel watches, there will be no change in color scheme and will remain in the current silver, graphite and gold colors.

Speaking of size, we will have a size of 41mm and 45mm and it will be compatible with previous straps.

What’s surprising is that they claim that the Apple Watch Series 8 won’t be made of titanium, although it looks like it will be reserved for the rumored Apple Watch Pro as it’s a more durable material.

As for the sensors, there will be no new inclusions, which will rule out rumors about a temperature sensor.

It also emphasizes that the box will have a stronger adhesive so that it will be harder to seal it again after opening it, so it’s a safety measure, but on the other hand, this watch mass production will begin at the end of August, go on sale in Septemberso you won’t suffer any delays.

More rumors will likely surface in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8.

Source: Computer Hoy

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