Even for a country with 32 active volcanoes, Iceland surprised by (3) Wednesday afternoon. New eruption of Fagradalsfjall volcano. The lava emission, which has not occurred since last year, has returned to the Reykjanes peninsula, with magma visible from the international airport just 15 kilometers away.

According to Einar Hjörleifsson, an expert on natural hazards at the Icelandic Meteorological Service (IMO), the eruption took place in a 100-metre crack in the Merardalir valley, in the same lava flow area as the last eruption last year.

Despite magma jets may have reached 50 meters, The phenomenon is thought to be of low strength, volcanoology professor Þorvaldur Þórðarson told Iceland TV.

Icelandic carbon capture company Carbfix and AFP news agency shared stunning videos of the explosion on the internet.

What do Icelandic officials say?

The country’s Civil Defense sent scientists to the blast site to assess the level of risk and enforce safety protocols, but issued a yellow alert for the entire area. Despite this, dozens of people went to the scene to observe the sources of the incandescent lava. and three tourists were injuredby New York Times.

“Even if we know it’s amazing and there’s nothing like it, we have to be careful and prepared before we go,” Icelandic government spokesman Hjordis Gudmundsdottir told the American broadcast.

Fagradalsfjall is a 385 meter high mound of hyaloclastite (magma-water interaction). dormant for 6,000 years until it started to explode on March 19 of last year. Since then, volcanic activity has interspersed episodes of pulsating magma emission with periods of calm.

Source: Tec Mundo

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