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LG Unveils Speakerless 97-inch OLED TV EX, Emits 5.1 Sound Through Vibrations


flat tvs The ones we currently use are better than the old TVs in every way except one: Sound. Modern bezel-less bezels are so thin that there is no room for speaker placement, as there was in the past when the bezels were quite thick. Especially on tube TVs.

LG today introduced a new TV 97-inch LG OLED EX, which you can see on the initial photo of the news. Its main characteristic is that does not have speakers. Despite this outputs 5.1 sound With “cinematic level of immersion“, the press release said.

How does LG manage to output sound without speakers? It uses technology called CSO (OLED Cinematic Sound). According to The Verge, this is a thin film exciter attached to the back of the panel to vibrate the screen, thereby sound is generated directly from the OLED panel without the need for additional speakers.

This is a technology that other TVs have already used, such as Sony Bravia AG9, which is a couple of years old and even LG has been testing it on their LG G8 mobile phone. But those systems were 2.0 and LG managed to extract 5.1 sound with vibration.

According to what our colleague Ruben Andres told us while analyzing the Sony Bravia AG9 TV, the sound received by vibration is excellentand it has an important advantage: it comes straight from the mouths of the people who speak on the screen.

Instead, by drawing it directly from the screen, no spatiality or surround sound. Let’s see how LG solved this problem by promising sound 5.1.

The Korean company has not announced a launch date or price. But given that a few months ago he introduced 97″ LG OLED EX TV very similar to this, but without vibration sound, with cost 25,000 eurosit is very likely that this new model will have a similar price.

Source: Computer Hoy

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