HE happn It is one of the main dating apps out there, one of the main rivals of Tinder. While both apps have similarities, their platforms are quite different.

The key difference between this and other options on the market is that data is cross-referenced between users based on geographic location. This is a technological resource widely used by companies that find people based on their geographic location.

In this particular case, it is sufficient to keep an active profile on the platform you will be doing. connections with men or women you have met recently your home, work or places of entertainment.

What is the difference between Happn and Tinder?

As mentioned earlier, the most striking difference between Happn and Tinder in the way platforms connect people. On Tinder, you do this by setting criteria such as city, gender, age, and distance. The priority of the algorithm on the blue platform will be geographical.

With the application, you will have the opportunity to chat with the people you really cross paths within a geographical area that you define in the settings. The proposition is taken so seriously that it is included in the company’s motto: “Find the people you cross paths with.”

Other differences between platforms relate to interfaces. While on Tinder, you choose who likes or dislikes by reading the profile and swiping right or left, here in addition to the profile, you can hear the user’s voice before the game.

How does Happn work?

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If you’re looking for a new romance or even making new friends, we’ll show you how. create your account in the app. Payment:

  1. The first step to understanding how the dating app works is to download the app from the app store on your smartphone (Android | iPhone);
  2. Create an account in the app. You can use your Google, Apple or Facebook account for this. There is also the possibility to create an account using your phone number;
  3. After entering the platform, the privacy policy and terms of use will be displayed. You must confirm that you agree to continue;
  4. On the next screen you have to enter your name, date of birth and gender.
  5. You will need to authorize the app to use your smartphone’s GPS;
  6. Choose whether you want to cross with men or women;
  7. Now it’s time to show your best self: choose or take new photos to show your profile; Happn will check them.

These are the necessary steps for you to create a profile on the platform. Now comes the most important part: meeting cool people using the app.

How to meet people on Happn?

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After creating your profile in the application, it’s time use it to meet your next love. Open the app on your phone and let’s get down to business:

  1. When opening the application, tap the brand symbol in the lower left corner;
  2. On the first screen you will see the user’s name, age, occupation and how many times their paths have crossed;
  3. Also on the first screen, at the bottom you will see three buttons: X on the left, close the profile, heart on the right, like the profile shown and the little plane next to the heart, to like and send a message for you – FlashNote – before the other user likes you;
  4. By scrolling down you will see more profile information such as bio, city, altitude, interests, last active time and distance from you; it will also be possible to see all the photos the user has submitted in his profile and the area where your path crosses;
  5. In the submenu you will see a bell symbol; it includes the notifications you receive, the app’s Shortlist with three daily profiles, and CrushTime, a game where Happn shows you 4 profiles and you have to guess who likes you – it runs every 24 hours;
  6. The next option in the submenu is the map, represented by a terrestrial globe. There you can see all the people you meet in different places you pass with your smartphone;
  7. In the dialog bubble button you access all the loves and their conversations;
  8. The last button in the menu is the profile button, where you can change your bio, interests, and add or remove photos.
  9. Within the profile you can also access “My Preferences” where you can define search filters (age, gender, distance) and whether you want to hide any information.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t share personal information. Security is the privilege of the application, so take advantage of the ability to make video and audio calls before making any appointments. And if you feel bad about a conversation, undo the crush and/or report the user for bad behavior.

Enjoy more with the premium version

(Source: Happn/Disclosure)

If you want more control over the information you share, if you want to know which people like your profile, or if you like the idea of ​​sending FlashNotes to users, happn presents premium version the application.

With prices starting from R$99.90 per month, you guarantee a bigger filter, you can give likes without daily limit, by activating Invisible mode your profile will not conflict with anyone, you can browse without ads, you can rotate profile and have a chance to win. Up to 5 video calls up to 1 hour per month.

The platform offers two more plans, 6 and 12 months, that guarantee discounts on subscriptions. It is done with your credit card through your mobile application store.

In these methods, the period payment is made in cash. You can unsubscribe at any time. Did you go to find your future love?

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