The Law on Road Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety DGT was amended in March last year with new sanctions, which, in addition to a large fine (more than 200 euros), also lead to loss of points. Common violations such as not maintaining a safe distance when overtaking cyclists or improper use of the seat belt or other safety systems can result in the loss of up to 6 points from your driver’s license, for example.

But, What are these violations and how much do they carry? In particular, 21 violations can lead to a loss of points in the range of 3 to 6 card points.

The sanctions imposed by the DGT, in addition, reach 6000 euros. This is, for example, the case of driving a vehicle equipped with radar blockers or kinemometers or a similar system capable of avoiding or detecting traffic control systems, the violation of which is 6000 euros and loss of 6 points. But there are others.

Penalties from DGT with a sanction of 1000 euros and a loss of 6 points

  1. Driving a car with an alcohol content of more than 0.50 mg / l in exhaled air.
  2. Driving after using drugs and their presence in the body.
  3. Refusing to take a breathalyzer or drug test.

500 euros and loss of 6 points

  1. Reckless driving, racing or other unauthorized competition or driving in the wrong direction.
  2. More than 50% excess of permitted driving time for professional drivers or 50% reduction in mandatory rest time for professional drivers.
  3. Intentionally changing the operation of the tachograph or speed limiter.
  4. Throw objects on the road or in its objects that can cause a fire, such as cigarette butts, or objects that can obstruct traffic or cause an accident.

€200 fine and loss of 6 points

  1. As described by DGT; use mobile devices, such as a smartphone, with your hands and while driving.
  2. Overtaking cyclists without observing the mandatory distance of 1.5 meters.
  3. Do not use or misuse seat belts, helmets, child restraints, etc.

200 euros and loss of 4 points

  1. Do not follow the stop sign, give way and pass traffic lights with red lights on.
  2. Overtake in a way that could create a hazard or obstruct the movement of vehicles in the opposite direction, or overtake in places where visibility is poor.
  3. Non-observance or non-observance of signals and instructions of authorities or variable messages.
  4. Failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles will also result in an economic sanction and loss of points in accordance with the new DGT rules.
  5. Driving with a suspended or prohibited vehicle.
  6. Backup on motorways or expressways.

€200 fine and loss of 3 points

  1. Change the direction of movement in a prohibited place.
  2. Driving with headphones connected to any multimedia device or browsers that make it difficult to concentrate on driving.
  3. Driving vehicles equipped with radar detectors or cinemeters.

Other DGT penalties that result in points loss

  1. Driving a vehicle with a radar or speedometer blocking or similar system capable of avoiding or detecting traffic control systems: €6,000 fine and loss of 6 points.
  2. Driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license: €500, 4 points.

Source: Hiper Textual

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