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The Raspberry Pi tool that determines if you’re being stalked in the purest spy style


Espionage exists and is usually undetectable. Actually, this is its main feature and why it is so dangerous. Of course, fortunately, technology has been developed to alleviate such situations, and, for example, a device has been released today that can determine if you are being followed.

Also, the most curious thing about all this is that this device was created using the Raspberry Pi, so it will be something affordable for almost everyone. This project comes from a hacker and digital forensic analysis expert who has professional knowledge of such situations..

Matt Edmondson reports that the operation is quite simple. What this tool does is scan the wireless devices that surround us.. By performing this constant scan of these devices, it can detect those that are repeated in a constant period of time.


How to Use Your Old Raspberry Pi Case

And that’s what it would be strange to find the signal of the device for a long time and more if you are moving because this device is designed to be used when traveling from one place to another, because if you bet on one site, the readings will be so constant that false positives can be obtained.

Unfortunately, this is not a discrete device. Of course, it doesn’t attract too much attention either, as thanks to the design that Matt Edmondson did, itor what can be seen is that everything is able to fit in an ordinary shoebox. In his case, he placed the system inside a drop-proof case.

To make it all work Matt Edmondson had to write the code to bring this device to life., which makes it capable of recognizing devices and registering them based on how often they occur. This is done by dividing it into different time periods.

Lists are compiled for devices discovered in the first 10 minutes, starting from 10 to 15 minutes thereafter, and then from 15 to 20 minutes. In the event that the device appears twice in a short period of time, an alert will be generated that will notify the person of what is happening.

In addition, to prevent the team from constantly discovering devices such as each team’s personal phone, Matt Edmondson added a list where exceptions can be created. The truth is that the device is quite useful and, in addition, supports modularity, since elements such as GPS can be added.

Source: Computer Hoy

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