A study conducted by the Lausanne Polytechnic and the Davos Institute states that the physics of avalanches and gods earthquakes it is very similar. A team of researchers was able to confirm this thanks to computer simulations and the analysis of natural events published in articles in prestigious industry journals. The results of the study will provide better risk assessment related to such events. Every year they cause accidents and fatalities compared to other natural disasters.

This is how avalanches form: a denser patch of snow on a weaker layer. The avalanche is activated when the weak layer collapses and so there is no longer any support by widening the fracture. This mechanism is based on plates less than 2 meters in length, but increasing the plates increases the fracture. The enlargement goes beyond 3-5 meters, the magnification speed exceeds 100 meters per second. This phenomenon is similar to rare high magnitude earthquakes.

The study confirmed the results of four avalanches. They proved that fracture propagation mechanism:. It transforms in a way that is directly proportional to its size. Such research will help simplify automated models of avalanches. In addition, the calculation time has been reduced from a few days to a few minutes.

Source: Lega Nerd

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