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Home Tech This very low energy air conditioner includes installation and Wi-Fi.

This very low energy air conditioner includes installation and Wi-Fi.


Although we are already in August, summer is still ahead, especially since the heat starts earlier and leaves later. Not only that, but a hotter summer will come. Another reason to install an air conditioner is a heat pump, the most efficient heating system in winter.

It was said that, stock is low at all stores except one: LG, which sells a low-power inverter model with WiFi for only 794 euros with installation included, so it’s a competitive price.

Although there are other cheap models of air conditioners, they usually come without installation, so you will have to pay about 300-400 euros, depending on the area where you live and who does the installation, so the price usually skyrockets.

Air conditioner LG A++

The specific LG model we mention has an A++ energy of the best home appliances can have today, something very important when you are going to buy a device that consumes as much as an air conditioner, especially in the current climate with sky-high electricity prices.

With WiFi, you can control it wherever you are, turn it on and off, program or even change the temperature, so this also results in efficiency. You can, for example, turn it on for a while before you get home, or program it to turn off at certain times of the night.

It is compatible with Google Assistant, Google’s virtual assistant, but not Alexa, so if you have a smart speaker from this brand, you can control it with voice commands.

While it’s much cheaper to buy a portable air conditioner, these units are less efficient, noisier, and less versatile because they usually don’t have a heat pump for the winter. They allow you to avoid trouble in an emergency, but if you can afford it, it is better to bet on the inverter.

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