Traveling is great, isn’t it? Knowing new places, landscapes and different cultures can be very enriching. Creating a plan for visiting destinations outside of Brazil is an important task throughout the process, as there are some differences in the way some basic things work.

For example, although internet is available in mobile form for smartphones anywhere in the world, it is still necessary to have a network plan to work. Therefore, having an international SIM card can be the solution to browse without worrying about roaming costs.

It is in this context that Holafly presents its international eSim, ideal for both short business trips and well-deserved longer vacations. But do you know what it is and how this tool works? Check out more information below.


Understand how eSim works

eSIM is basically a new all-digital, programmable chip format for mobile devices. However, it is possible to activate a new line on a smartphone without the need to purchase a physical chip.

Its operation is also quite simple and it is possible to activate it in three steps:

  1. Check if your smartphone is compatible with eSIM technology; Many brands have compatibility with their latest models.

  2. Choose your plan on Holafly and buy the one that makes the most sense to you and meets your needs.

  3. Activate your eSim using the provided QR code.

In addition to being easy and practical, the brand guarantees that it is quite safe. Aiming to serve different types of users, Holafly offers special plans for countries on all continents.

When purchasing an eSIM, you can land in any country with internet access as soon as you get off the plane, without the hassle of searching for a local store, contacting family, using maps, and requesting transportation.

This way you avoid queues, overcome the language barrier and manage to get around independently. With this technology, tourists provide uninterrupted connection on their trips. And we know very well how the internet has become indispensable lately, right?


Benefits of eSim

One of the main advantages of having an eSIM installed on your device, not just for international travel, is the way things happen. Because it’s all digital, you may have more lines at your disposal, even without the physical space to put new chips in your device.

You also contribute to sustainability by avoiding wastage of plastic in the manufacture of a conventional chip. When a mobile data tariff contract is made with its digital feature, the service is activated automatically, and you will have internet as soon as the transaction is completed.

On the Holafly platform, it is possible to recruit new hires and change plans at any time. And it’s worth noting that the investments have much lower costs than most on the market.

Want guaranteed internet on your next trip? Check if your smartphone is compatible with eSIM and find out the plans offered by. holafly🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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