All day today, Xiaomi announced the new devices Mix Fold 2but there was also room to talk about Buttons 4 Pro from the company, which has chosen a capsule design unlike anything seen so far, with the black and gold colors presented.

In this case, the box is protected against drops and the headphones are easy to carry. With a noise reduction depth of 48dB and 4,000Hz amplitudethe devices also offer 3 adaptive levels that can change over time.

We also find six levels that can be adjusted manually by users who can adjust everything according to their habits. The structure has an anti-wind mechanism, which is especially useful during physical activity.

We find an 11 mm unit that has high-definition a . supports 96kHz and SBC, AAC and LHDC 4.0with independent spatial audio that can be used on other devices when bluetooth is activated, with playback up to 9 hours up to 38 hours with the charging box. Right now, the price is $163 at the current exchange rate, and we look forward to news for its launch outside of China.

Source: Lega Nerd

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