Capturing the essence of the most striking characters from TV series, anime, movies and even games, Funkos Pop! These are great ways to pay homage to your favorite characters and add a special touch to your collection and environments.

If you are looking for new options without straining your pocket, TecMundo We’re here to help! We prepared a curation by taking advantage of Amazon opportunities. Funko’s Pop! Available with discounts of up to 50% and prices starting from R$ 60.

In the middle of curation you will find: Funko’s Pop! From Star Wars, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, The Office, Marvel and more Enjoy and increase your collection by saving money. Check out:

Funko’s Pop! up to R$ 110

  • Fun Pop! Kakashi Lightning Sword, Naruto R$ 89.00
  • Fun Pop! Madara Edo Tensei for R$ 89.99
  • Fun Pop! Yuji W/Sukuna Mouth, Jujutsu Kaisen for R$ 100.00
  • Fun Pop! Young Luke Skywalker, Star Wars R$ 90.05
  • Fun Pop! Jake Sully, Avatar R$ 112.10
  • Fun Pop! Harry Potter with Stone for R$ 108.86
  • Fun Pop! Raven for R$99.99 for Justice League
  • Fun Pop! Tobi, Naruto Shippuden for R$ 92.90
  • Fun Pop! Loki Kid costs R$ 106.90
  • Fun Pop! Dwight W/Pumpkinhead, The Office R$ 108.40
  • Fun Pop! She Hulk for R$ 109.90
  • Fun Pop! Groot for R$ 102.00
  • Fun Pop! Sasuke, Naruto for R$ 107.02
  • Fun Pop! Armored Grogu for R$ 109.00
  • Fun Pop! Dragonball Z Goku and Nimbus for R$ 100.00
  • Fun Pop! Hermione with wand, Harry Potter for R$ 99.90
  • Fun Pop! Cedric Diggory, Harry Potter for R$ 90.00
  • Fun Pop! White Vision, Wandavision price R$ 93.69
  • Fun Pop! Thunder Black Lightning #428 for R$ 60.00
  • Funko Pocket Pop! Katy, Shang Chi for R$ 27.80

Funko’s Pop! Prices starting from R$ 110

  • Fun Pop! Michael Scott, Office R$ 149.00
  • Fun Pop! Mikasa Ackermann, Attack on Titan for R$ 131.59
  • Fun Pop! Captain America, Civil War R$ 159.90
  • Fun Pop! Tsunade, Naruto for R$ 134.90
  • Fun Pop! Green Ranger, Power Rangers for R$ 132.99
  • Fun Pop! Wandinha costs R$ 118.00
  • Fun Pop! Deidara, Naruto Shippuden for R$ 149.90
  • Fun Pop! Wall-E for R$ 140.00
  • Fun Pop! Stormtrooper, Star Wars R$ 136.00
  • Fun Pop! The Mandalorian costs R$ 126.19
  • Fun Pop! Axl Rose, Guns N Roses for R$ 137.00
  • Fun Pop! I order The Mandalorian with the child for R$ 117.32
  • Fun Pop! Michael Jordan, NBA: Bulls for R$ 139.50
  • Fun Pop! With Jiraiya, Rasengan, Naruto Shippuden for R$ 129.40
  • Fun Pop! Eleven, Stranger Things for R$ 121.78
  • Fun Pop! Michael Jackson’s price is R$ 126.76
  • Fun Pop! Ron Wealey, Harry Potter for R$ 129.00
  • Fun Pop! Rachel Green as bride, R$ 116.90 for Friends
  • Fun Pop! Hermione Yule Ball, Harry Potter for R$ 129.00
  • Fun Pop! Itadori Yuji for R$ 139.89 for Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Fun Pop! Suguru Geto R$ 139.41 for Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Fun Pop! Includes Infinite Deku, Eri and My Hero Acadamia for R$ 137.90
  • Fun Pop! Shoto Todoroki, My Hero Academia for R$ 127.79
  • Fun Pop! Killua Zoldyck, Hunter
  • Fun Pop! Slash, Guns N Roses for R$ 136.50
  • Fun Pop! Darth Vader, Star Wars R$ 126.90
  • Fun Pop! Pennywise Dancing for R$ 124.40
  • Fun Pop! Hannah Montana, Disney 100 for R$121.82

Offers are for a limited time and prices may change at any time. So don’t miss the chance and Guarantee the new Funkos Pop! discount for your collection!

Source: Tec Mundo

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